Unless you are into technical intricacies of sound systems, it is rare that you would have heard about the man Basil Martion. Based in Berlin, he is a marquee loudspeaker maker whom through his consistent delivery of extraordinary speakers for the last 40 years has established himself as the most sought after sound technical system provider among professional artists and institutions. Martion describes himself as more of a sound technician than a businessman. He is a one-man designer almost handcrafting his products with some help from his workshop. His attention to minute details has helped make his products reliable, efficient and truly iconic among clubs, discotheques, institutions and tech elites, despite most people being unable to accredit his name to these wonderful loudspeakers. 

Basil Martion denies the use of any secret ingredients in his loudspeakers, attributing the outstanding quality of his products to his holistic approach to sound systems. Recounting an experience from his early experimentations Martion told the story when he visited India following Osho. There he designed loudspeakers for a Buddhist prayer hall. He proudly recounts that while other apparatus such as air conditioning units had to be changed several times during this period, his speaker system worked flawlessly even in tropical conditions for more than 10 years. The reason was the same – a holistic approach and attention to details. He used just the right cooling methodology for the amplifiers and made sure that insects don’t damage the electronics. 

Upon his return to Germany a lot of clubs were already interested in having him design their audio systems. This eventually led to him developing Orgon which were a step ahead from Exodus, his earlier sound system.

Initially, he was not impressed by the CD players or digital sound and persisted in favor of record players. Though now he denies favoring analog, he accepts that with over 30 years of technology development, digital sound caught up with the quality of old vinyl records and analog sound, so that now is needed a very well trained human ear to feel differences inbetween the 2 worlds… This is why Martion gives solutions for a wide range of audiophiles, sound experts or sound passionates and offers Bullfrogs in 2 configurations: one passive and one active.

Being that his loudspeakers are custom and handmade built, clients can choose finishing colors for their orders and most times they have to wait for a while until their products are ready for delivery.

Here is a brief introduction of Martion sound systems lineup:

1. Orgon – Orgon is the crown jewel in his lineup, although it may be just a dream for most sound enthusiasts. It is always manufactured as per customer requirements and setup requires a specialist’s attention. That is why a visit from Basil Martion is included in the price of each Orgon audio system, the result being a perfect sound stage with a completely invisible source.

2. Bullfrog Active – Bullfrogs aren’t cheap either but pretty much affordable. Active system includes 4ch digital amplifier with built-in DSP that can be tuned-in in each operating room for best frequencies responses. The symmetrical design produces a delicate and clear sound. It is in the form of a cube of 45 cm dimension and weighs almost 24 kg.

3. Bullfrog Passive – It is a studio favorite Martion product. Sized the same as Bullfrog Active, the passive system it is particularly suitable for analog lovers. It has external passive crossovers, so that the Bullfrog speakers can be connected to a “common” 2 ch amplifier that can be at the choose of each client and the amplifier could cost in-between a few hundred Euros and tens of thousands of Euros.

4. Lola – These smaller speakers can be easily fixed on the walls or roof. They work best as components of a big hall set up. Were successfully installed in bars, terraces, places where very good sound quality is wanted but not a lot of acoustic pressure is needed.

5. i-Mer – These are universal subwoofers produced by Martion. These are very well designed and aesthetically pleasing, allowing placement anywhere on the inbuilt stands. i-Mer is recommended to work together with a pair of Lola speakers.

6. Einhorn – The youngest in the product line up it is recommended in combination with Orgon horn bass or with any other bass system. Many artists have good reviews about them and, at less than half price of Orgon system, Einhorn gets more and more sales with time passing.

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