New Vision Acoustics Gear Available Now

VisionAcoustics Sniper 01


New Technology Using Motion Drivers For Tops and Powerful 15″ 3 KW Subs.

VisionAcoustics 15 inch subs
VisionAcoustics 15 inch monitor sub


Delivering Constant Sound Pressure Level on Distances up to 40 Meters in Front with a Flat Frequency Response
VisionAcoustics Sniper 02


Great Design

VisionAcoustics Extreme monitor


VisionAcoustics 12 inch satellites 03


VisionAcoustics 12 inch satellites 02


VisionAcoustics 12 inch satellites 01


Ready to Install Anywhere in Ibiza Within 12 Hours!


The systems should sound like the source and they must be part of the total experience. This means that they have to bring something additional. We want them to become a part of the stage and to be visual attractive. The visual aspect is important to us, but this cannot be leading. Therefore we decided to build without compromise: the sound has the highest priority, secondly the functionality and last but not least the design.

This is why we can affirm: Vision Acoustics and not just looks!
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